Wednesday , 28 January 2015

Swertres Result

We will tally all the Swertres Result pages for the last 30 days here. All results are verified and checked against the final Swertres Results from the PCSO website. Some talented swertres players have a keen eye for numbers. They are also good mathematicians who can play with the numbers as if they are toys. These geniuses try to create formulas and algorithms to supposedly crack the Swertres code and guess the final result in each Swertres Draw. I never thought it’s possible, but then again, why do we see tips that are so close to the actual results?

I don’t wanna believe it but it appears that swertres results were already written in this blackbook that only a few people know. Well, let’s just hope it is not the case. Okay, it’s your turn. Try to analyze if you see any pattern at all. Then post your findings in the comments section. Thanks!

Swertres Results for the last 30 days:


  1. sir unsay hearing karon adlaw? Taga.e sad ko kay dako na sad akong pildi..

  2. panghatag ug no……para ugma n draw….

  3. ngayo q hearing para krn 9:00 pm veh! Tnx

  4. pahenge namn jan ng swertres number.tnx

  5. pwdi mangau ug 3d number beh pang 9pm draw,,, pls txt me 09061057241

  6. Swertres Ronnie

    asa naman c @ buddy lovers og buddy juvi mga idol nku!! ajejjejeje !txt sa akung number beh!! salamat

  7. Swertres Ronnie

    gud am mga boss!! unzay maau karon na number !! txt sa akong number !!09358046543 tnx

  8. AnU 3D HEARING TXT NYO NAMAN AKO 09161311418

  9. way kwenta inyung admin gi pa samot r ninyu ug ka dato ang goberno nga ato g kwarta gpatuyok
    ..PORK BAREL modus ghapon y kwenta…ang gipang hatag di mang gawas lolo ninyu mga admin!!!!

  10. kayo lng ang ni loloko papatayaen kau ng malaki pro hndi lalabas..pra kau walang pnag aralan nag pa lolong sa mga gagong katolad nila…

  11. gd eve asa nman ang mga two aning site ta oi wla nman mga hearing mengaw nman……panghtag mo numro twon………..txt my mobile 09096801598

  12. Swertres Ronnie

    buddy @ lovers@ and buddy juvi of gingoog!! unzay maau nga numero dha karon??/ aheheheheh

  13. Swertres Ronnie

    buddy juvi kamo na sa emong picture na nag tagay2x !!!

  14. Swertres Ronnie

    unzay maau nga numero karon??

  15. Best bet

  16. 170 11am result

  17. Jiasmen Limpag

    480 confirm result

  18. Please post for 4 pm

  19. Tagae pud q # kna xurepra mkahatag q nmo lod

  20. Tagae ko swertes number kana modaug ko.

  21. ,hai, poh mga sir, sana ma bigyan nyu q ng numera, pra may pang aginaldo sa aking ina anak, # ko p0h 09213085740, txt nyu poh aq plz, adv. Mery x-mas all.!

  22. hloww god moring all frend….

  23. ano po hairing niyo jan

  24. pag may ron po kayo hairing jan plz ,txt me this may no,,,09439143185

  25. Swertres rochel Pacat

    text nyo din po ako 09296707400

  26. Swertres dr.ugs

    pako rin txt nyo po pang birthday lang po ito po number 09161876846

  27. Number sir pang tuition lang HEHEHE lapit na final

  28. jiemae pedrera

    sir anu pahinge ng # para bukas..pls text me..09192016385

  29. ronald iman baloro

    ds s my number sir 09084544778

  30. gud evening everyone….

  31. try lng guyz…11am…826 583 26 83 23 52 56 89 86……tabang na q na ninyo hurot…..goodluckz

  32. Swertres Kian

    Wala mui hearing dha?share2 pud

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