Wednesday , 28 January 2015


Swertres Results, Tips, Hearing, Guides and ProbablesImagine this, you play one game and spend at the average, 30 pesos a day. If you get lucky enough, you may win somewhere around 5,000 depending on how much money you placed on your bet. Swertres is so popular that thousands of Filipino play this every single day.

Several myths have also attracted new players. There are those who play because they dreamt of a number. Some just play out of gut feeling, or some 3-number combination they saw from the TV. Others resort to asking little 3 year-old kids to mention a number, etc. It’s funny but we Filipinos love it when the number comes out from the most random thinking.

Pananglit nga wala kay mahuna-hunaan nga numbers, pangita lang ug swerte sa mga comments. Kung maka-jackpot man ka, congrats!


  1. pls. Dont hesitate to share blessings, thank you.123

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